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New generation MBST device now in Bristol

James Scrimshaw - Chiropractor James Scrimshaw Chiropractor

As the Cura Clinical practice expands with a new MBST machine, we reflect with our Clinical Director, James Scrimshaw, about all things MBST-related.

First of all, what is MBST?
MBST stands for ‘Molecular Biophysical Stimulation Therapy’. It’s a technology widely used in Europe and simply put, it’s a therapeutic adaptation of MRI used to treat osteoarthritis and soft tissue damage. Unlike an MRI, MBST doesn’t create an image but it does use the same energy to stimulate a significant repair response in damaged tissue and joints. There are over 200 clinics in Germany almost exclusively run by Orthopaedic surgeons, and the technology is now being used by a growing number of clinics here in the UK.

How did you discover MBST?
I heard about the technology about three years ago, although it has been around for nearly 15 years now! I had started to develop arthritic pain and mobility issues in my knees, finding simple things in life painful. On the recommendation of colleagues, I tried MBST and was extremely impressed in the results – enough so to invest in the technology at my clinic here in Bristol. Two-and-a-half years on, we’ve introduced the very latest machines which offer even better levels of repair and relief.

Tell us about the patients you treat
Patients we treat range in age from 21 (more trauma/sports injuries) to 84 years. The majority so far have involved significant osteoarthritic change in necks/backs, hips, knee or ankle joints. Most often, these patients are not yet ready for surgery but are suffering with mild to moderate stage of joint damage and some considerable pain. For this group, the results from MBST treatment really are extremely impressive. Based on the preliminary validation of the results from the 300 patients we’ve treated here in Bristol, 80-90% have seen significant improvement of symptoms from these long-term conditions.

MBST isn’t just used for patients with arthritis. We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with some of Bristol’s professional sports teams such as the Bristol Bears, helping to facilitate the recovery of some of their elite squad.

What about patients with severe arthritic conditions?
For those patients who are experiencing severe symptoms and require an operation, the good news is that MBST can provide the anti-inflammatory effects to help the wait for surgery more comfortable. We regularly work alongside Bristol-based consultant knee surgeon, Jonathan Webb, to give treatment and support to a significant number of his patients.

How is the treatment given?
We undertake an initial assessment of your condition and where appropriate suggest the suitable course of MBST treatment. This normally involves an hour a day for 7 or 9 days and is undertaken in private rooms, so very COVID safe! MBST is regularly used alongside other management protocols to address all areas of your injury. Most importantly, it’s a non-invasive treatment, so it’s both pain-free and risk-free.

For an informal discussion with James about MBST treatment, please call on 0117 959 6531.

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