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Hearing what our patients say

James Scrimshaw - Chiropractor James Scrimshaw Chiropractor

We’re really passionate about improving your condition and have worked with people who struggle with back pain, not only hands-on but also to give some really straightforward advice on improving posture along with some gentle exercise ideas.

We’re always also really pleased when our patients take the time to tell us how we’ve helped them. Here are just a handful:

James had the perseverance and determination to give me my life back. The treatment has allowed me to do the things I thought were no longer an option.
Rob, Business Manager

James approaches the back pain from a physical and holistic stand point. He has a well-developed understanding of the whole mind and body idea. He’s cheerful with a good listening ear, and understands the importance of valuing his clients.

“I had experienced moderate back pain for over 10 years due to sitting in front of a computer for too many hours and not enough exercise. Visits to a couple of NHS physiotherapists only seemed to make things worse. During that time I also considered seeing a chiropractor but was afraid of someone manipulating my spine. Eventually I plucked up the courage and booked my first appointment. During the initial consultation, despite my fears, I was very quickly reassured by James and agreed to have treatment; he seemed to care and had a “sense” about him

Treatment with James has given me the confidence to exercise regularly again, despite some pain, making me feel fitter and stronger, enabling me to better able to cope with life’s demands.

James works from the heart and intuitively. This combined with his, what seems, effortless technical ability and his devotion to his field and patients, makes him a highly effective practitioner.Anna

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