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Headaches and migraines

We take time to understand the causes behind your headaches or migraines to ensure we use the appropriate treatment and give you the very best advice in managing the pain.

Often (but not always) headaches are related to inflammation of the muscles and joints of the mid to upper neck. The causes can be post-traumatic due to a fall or whiplash, stress-related, or poor neck positioning at work or on tablets or smartphones. It is important to distinguish other possible causes such as vascular, blood pressure, head trauma or infection. Once we’re happy the problem is neck related, our treatments can effectively address the underlying causes.

Migraine is a common condition where there is a circulatory component to the headache as well as a neck component. Once we have done the appropriate examination and are confident there is a neck issue, we can proceed with treatment to improve neck function and reduce joint and muscle inflammation.

Results vary from 100% improvement, to a reduction in the severity and frequency of the headaches simply because sometimes the neck isn’t the only factor. We can help you look at your lifestyle, particularly your nutrition and stress factors. Improvements in both of these can often help with the reduction in migraines and headaches.

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