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Francis: Treating His Disc Injury & Sciatica

We tried everything we could to help Francis and his sciatica and the results were life-changing.

Francis came to me in complete agony with sciatica. We tried everything we could to help him using conservative caretractions, deep laser therapy etc, yet there was no change.

I had Francis’s lower back MRI scanned which showed a large L4/5 disc extrusion causing moderate central cabal narrowing compressing the left L5 nerve root and suggested a surgeons referral. This explained his severity and lack of response.

We discussed my recent set of outstanding results using MBST for nerve healing, knowing that surgery was always an option. He decided to go for it, having his discs and nerves treated and the results were off the scale.

Four weeks later, we experienced a highly emotional meeting at my clinic, during which Francis expressed his astonishment at the significant reduction in pain he now experiences. Both of us were deeply impressed by this case and have scheduled a follow-up meeting in three months.

Patient response after MBST treatment:

“James, it was good to see you this afternoon. I can’t really express how pleased I am with the MBST treatment. I would thoroughly recommend anyone with back problems to come and see you. Once again, thanks for sorting out my back, I’m truly grateful.” – Francis

MBST therapy is an award-winning innovative treatment for: Osteoarthritis, Back & disc problems, Bone conditions & fractures, Cartilage damage, Ligament, tendon & muscle damage, Sports & accident injuries.


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