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Mick gets his life back again after MBST

Osteoarthritis in ankles

As Mick's condition worsened to the point where he struggled to walk, he underwent a course of MBST which has resulted in positive change and removed the need for immediate surgery.

Mick (58) began suffering with osteoarthritis in both ankles about 20 years ago. Over that time, his condition has steadily worsened until he was hobbling in the mornings and struggling with uneven ground. Mick ended up not being able to walk the dog due to the pain. Anyone living with osteoarthritis will recognise how it shrinks your quality of life. After being told he needed double ankle fusions, Mick came to Cura for a course of MBST. A month after treatment he had significant positive signs of change. Two months later, he reported no severe bouts of pain and within four months his condition was 80% improved. Mick’s life is now very different and he has avoided having to undergo surgery. And best of all, he now volunteers at the donkey sanctuary several hours every day with no after effects. 

Mick’s recovery might sound extreme, but it’s not at all unusual for MBST to deliver these sorts of results The beauty of the treatment is that it’s non-invasive, is completely safe and stimulates a natural yet significant healing process in acute and chronic conditions for which there are few or no options.

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