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Treating Mark’s complex conditions with MBST

Chronic Achilles tendinitis, Spondylolesthesis, Arthritis

Mark is a great advertisement for the regenerative effects of MBST therapy. We’ve treated 3 significant conditions.

Mark is a great advertisement for the regenerative effects of MBST therapy. He may look like a mere youngster, but like many of us, he is of the age where old injuries, sporting injuries and wear and tear was significantly affecting his quality of life.

We’ve treated 3 significant conditions in this case:

1. Chronic Achilles tendinitis

2. Spinal instability due to a grade 3 Spondylolesthesis

3. Stage 3 (moderate with bone change) arthritis in his big toe


His Achilles was with him for a long time and didn’t respond to general treatment: MBST achieved 100% remission post therapy. His spine has been very quiet since treatment after treating his discs and facet joints. Improving the integrity of these structures helps to stabilise excess spinal movement allowing less irritation to the joint ligaments and muscular overactivity. He’s since had no pain and needed no aftercare. At the 6 week follow up for his toe arthritis he is noticing significant reduction in pain day to day. A very good start for what is a tricky condition to manage.


All in all, we’re keeping him in great shape with conditions that would otherwise be causing him significant pain, pain and immobility. Had he not had this intervention he would be living a much more painful and restricted life.


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