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Pain Relief and MBST

Providing innovation through MBST Cell Regeneration Therapy and hands-on treatments to reduce your pain and improve your mobility.

Lifestyle Support

Providing you with simple advice and strategies to create the right conditions for better health.

Nutritional Advice

A science-based approach to why we should, and how we can eat better to improve our health.

What is the CURA approach?

At CURA we focus on creating the right conditions for health by addressing the most common stresses on our bodies. Some patients might have straightforward back pain, others might have more complex conditions that include a variety of symptoms. Our approach is to diagnose and address your particular situation in a practical way that fits in with your everyday life.


We are also one of the only clinics in the UK who offer MBST Cell Regeneration. This therapy can offer an alternative form of management to invasive procedures. It offers risk-free treatment for a range of conditions including arthritis, recent or long-term sports injuries, and back pain.

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Chiropractic James Scrimshaw

Trained as a Chiropractor, James has over 23 years’ experience in working with patients to diagnose and manage back pain and sports injuries. As the inspiration behind Cura, James Scrimshaw takes a total health approach to healing bringing together knowledge and learning around nutrition, posture and movement, and mental health to help you achieve better health.

We manage a range of conditions including:

  • Back pain
  • Leg pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Migraine
  • Wrist pain or RSI
  • Tennis elbow
  • Knee or hip pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Slipped disc
  • Whiplash
  • Sports injuries
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MBST Cell Regeneration James Scrimshaw

MBST Cell Regeneration (or Magnetic Resonance Therapy) works by transferring energy directly into the cells of the tissue we are treating to stimulate new cell regeneration. It’s a technology developed in Germany providing healthy tissue regeneration resulting in fast healing, improved function and less pain. It also offers treatment of the cause with long-term therapy effects. The therapy is non-invasive and risk-free and offers an alternative form of management to surgery. It can treat:

  • All types of osteoarthritis
  • Spinal discs degeneration
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fractures
  • Ligament or tendon damage
  • Cartilage damage
More About MBST Cell Regeneration

Nutrition James Scrimshaw

At CURA, we integrate the approach to hands-on treatments and massage with nutritional advice to help your body heal. The conditions we are trying to create are:

  • low cellular inflammation
  • weight loss
  • reduced acidity
  • slower ageing
  • improvement in energy levels
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Peace of Mind and Clear Thinking Sam Kotadia

Stress is more prevalent now in our day-to-day in our lives than ever. It has a powerful negative effect on our bodies. Having a straightforward understanding of where these stresses come from and how to reduce them not only makes us happier on a day-to-day basis but also much healthier. Long-term illness carries a lot of stress with it which can fuel the illness itself. The peace of mind and clear thinking approach is a really simple way to understand what drives our stress and how to manage it.

We can help you understand and manage:

  • Work stress
  • Performance stress
  • High performance coaching
  • Phobias and anxieties
  • Negative thinking
  • Adopting new, positive habits
  • Living in the moment
More About Peace of Mind and Clear Thinking
What is MBST?
What You Need To Know About MBST MBST is a revolutionary form of treatment for pain, problematic joints and many types of sports injuries. It uses the same fundamentals as MRI, but for healing instead of imaging. So, what are the side effects? How long does it take to recover? And, how does it really compare to other approaches? MBST is a non-invasive therapy with no known side effects. Studies have indicated that patients suffering from pain associated with osteoarthritis have reported a reduction in pain levels post-therapy. Other clinical studies have shown an increase in bone mass density after Magnetic Resonance Therapy. It uses your body’s own electromagnetic energy, which is generated by stimulating the nuclei in hydrogen atoms. Scientific studies have proven that MBST can activate the cells, which produce cartilage and bones – this cannot currently be achieved by any other treatment. What can MBST be used for? MBST can treat several types of injuries and diseases; it can help anyone who has joint pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and osteopenia, as well as athletes with bone and tissue damage. It also benefits those who suffer from chronic diseases known to cause damage to bones and joints, such as arthritis, diabetes, thyroid disease, kidney disease and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. Find out more here >>  Are there any side effects? Well, in over 180,000 treatments and all clinical trials, MBST has never presented any negative side effects – some patients have even found they’ve slept better at night after the treatment! How does it compare to medication?  The adverse side effects caused by prolonged use of medication are well documented and drugs are rarely able to achieve an improvement to health with these types of illnesses. MBST has no negative impact on your health, nor can it cause any harm to your body. It can also be applied to the early stage of disease or as a precaution, in order to prevent complications developing at a later stage. What about surgery? In most cases of osteoporosis and arthritis, the damage affects more than one place on the body, which means that surgery cannot remove and cure the problem entirely. Medications, therapy and surgery cannot regenerate cartilage and are usually only introduced when joint damage has already advanced. How long will it take to work? Some patients report beneficial results the next day but as a general rule, improvement occurs weeks or months after the treatment, as cartilage rebuilds and bone density increases. How long will it last? Controlled clinical studies have found MBST to be effective over a period of 12 months. The latest research has also indicated that some patients will maintain these positive effects for over four years. It is well known that until now, the treatment of osteoarthritis has been limited to symptomatic therapy, which has never provided long-term results. There really is nothing to be scared of – it’s painless, effective and proven to be successful in treating pain and improving symptoms of bone and tissue damage. It can be used as a long-term solution that doesn’t involve the prolonged use of medication and implementing it in an earlier stage of the disease prevents severe damages and significantly reduces the need for surgery. To book your initial consultation, contact our specialist practitioner, James Scrimshaw on 0117 959 6531. Our thanks to our partners at Cell Regeneration, Tinwell for providing this resource.
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Our MBST Cell Regeneration Suite
Our new MBST Cell Regeneration Suite is now up-and-running and our first consultations have now taken place in our Westbury-on-Trym (Bristol) clinic. While MBST Cell Regeneration has been widely used in Germany, there are only a handful of clinics available in the UK using the MBST system, of which we’re one. It has successfully been used to treat sports injuries, back issues and osteoarthritis and can provide a non-invasive alternative to surgery and the need for long-term medication. If you would like to discover how MBST Cell Regeneration can support your return to health, please contact our clinician, James Scrimshaw for a one-to-one discussion.    
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Hearing what our patients say - a few testimonials
We’re really passionate about improving your condition and have worked with people who struggle with back pain, not only hands-on but also to give some really straightforward advice on improving posture along with some gentle exercise ideas. We’re always also really pleased when our patients take the time to tell us how we’ve helped them. Here are just a handful: “James had the perseverance and determination to give me my life back. The treatment has allowed me to do the things I thought were no longer an option.   Rob, Business Manager “James approaches the back pain from a physical and holistic stand point. He has a well-developed understanding of the whole mind and body idea. He’s cheerful with a good listening ear, and understands the importance of valuing his clients.   Sylvia “I had experienced moderate back pain for over 10 years due to sitting in front of a computer for too many hours and not enough exercise. Visits to a couple of NHS physiotherapists only seemed to make things worse. During that time I also considered seeing a chiropractor but was afraid of someone manipulating my spine. Eventually I plucked up the courage and booked my first appointment. During the initial consultation, despite my fears, I was very quickly reassured by James and agreed to have treatment; he seemed to care and had a “sense” about him. Treatment with James has given me the confidence to exercise regularly again, despite some pain, making me feel fitter and stronger, enabling me to better able to cope with life’s demands. James works from the heart and intuitively. This combined with his, what seems, effortless technical ability and his devotion to his field and patients, makes him a highly effective practitioner.   Anna  
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Welcome to the CURA Resource Centre
Welcome to the CURA Resource Centre. Here we’ll bring you practical tips, the latest research and insights into improving your pain, overall health and mindset. Whether it’s trying different foods, understanding the science behind why we should introduce new rituals or wanting to feel happier day to day we will endeavour to educate, inspire or stimulate reflection on a variety of issues.
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